Simple Acts of Kindness Donations

My project, “Simple Acts of Kindness” started out as a unique way to use magic to do random acts of kindness for people. I wanted put a spin on it and try something different.  I chose to focus more on the feeling a person gets by giving randomly, as well as capture the joy of those that receive.
The idea: Some people do not know exactly what or how their money is used when they make a charitable donation. I want to change that!  When you donate to “Simple Acts Of Magic”,  we will film the entire process of giving it away. The footage will be edited and sent back to you in the form of a link to watch. Yes, you get to see EXACTLY where your money goes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be posted for the public to view?

Yes!  We want people to see the impact of giving.  However, you can chose to remain anonymous or have your name as a donor on the end of the film if you chose.

Who gets the money?

That’s the beauty, we do not know! We do not know who is going to donate, giveaway the money or receive the money.

Who picks the people to give it away?

I do! I find a random person and let them believe they are getting filmed for a documentary about magic. Then, they are surprised with the opportunity to make someone’s day better by giving away money to other unsuspecting people.

Are there any stooges/plants?

Some people use set up situations to create a “special moment” on film. I DO NOT!  Everything we do is 100% random.

Will 100% of the money donated be spent?

YES!  Unless designated somewhere else.

Can we donate to help with expenses?

Yes! You do have a chance to dedicate a portion to help with our expenses of filming, editing, travel ect.

Will my donation be filmed separately or combined with other donations?

It depends on the amount donated. Of course we would like to do them separately.  However, it would be impossible for me to film. So more than likely it will be combined.

How long until we get the link?

Depends on my travel schedule and filming schedule of my crew.  But I would say no longer than 3 months.