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"I create meaningful moments using magic
and humor to inspire audiences."

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Entertaining, inspirational and hysterical! James David will thrill your students and your entire campus community with his meaningful magic shows! Audiences are always amazed with his talents but it’s his message that the students talk about long after the shows are over.

Event Options

Meaningful Magic

Ideal for Stage and Service Events

Imagine attending a magic show and not only being amazed by the magician onstage, but also being moved by the acts of magic created off stage … by the audience.

Meaningful Magic is an event like no other.  It inspires and informs.  It shows the audience that the real magic in life is making that effort to connect with partners, families, even complete strangers on a deeper, more meaningful level.  James uses the concepts behind illusions to reinforce ideas of servant leadership, all the while serving as a draw to help promote and enhance participation by including it with an entertaining performance.

Meaningful Magic can easily be integrated with an existing service project or leadership event that you are holding on your campus.  James can also work with you to design a campus service project that will fit your unique needs.

Mind Games

Ideal for Stage Events

Your students, your activities committee, your tech crew – they’ll all be talking about James David long after the show.  Not just because of his inexplicable feats or his witty banter.  Not just because of his crowd participation or his spontaneity.  Not even just because of Snowflake, the partially psychic rabbit.  They’ll be talking about it after the show because it lived up to the hype that they were talking about before the show.

James delivers a highly entertaining stage show in Mind Games.  Additionally, many colleges include his Random Acts of Magic event as soon as he arrives on campus, resulting in a sizable crowd for the evening’s show.  He breaks attendance records at school after school.

Extremely personable and magnetic, James David will leave your campus with an event to remember.

Random Acts of Magic

Ideal for Roving or Casual

A self-proclaimed “magic ninja,” James offers his roving magic show, a highly flexible performance format.   Many times colleges and boards will ask him to perform street magic in the cafeteria, bookstore, or other high traffic areas to generate interest and enthusiasm for a particular event.

Random Acts of Magic is close-up magic that will befuddle even the physics majors.  James takes individuals or small groups of people who happen by and make them question reality; all while inducing ab-defining laughter.

Magical Beginnings

Ideal for Team Building

Students who form meaningful relationships on campus are significantly more likely to return each fall until they complete their degrees.  Jumpstart the process by inviting everyone to a magic show!  Then watch the real magic created by all the new friendships formed.

With the Magical Beginnings program you can take 10 to 1000 students, put them in a large space, and let James use magic to allow them to release all their power, energy, and imagination; to create a community.

This scalable event consists of stage magic, games, group activities and more, while combining the elements of teambuilding and enthusiasm to make a real community out of strangers.

Perfect for New Student Orientation, Conferences, Welcome Week, Greek Week and any event intended to bring people together.

“As an artist, he provided an excellent experience from beginning to end. As a person, he is even better! His genuine approach is so refreshing and powerful. We can’t wait to book him again!”

Teah Terrance St. John Fisher College