James David Magic

"I create meaningful moments using magic
and humor to inspire audiences."

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James has become incredibly popular with corporate and association audiences for his ability to blend comedy, entertainment, a message, and motivation in one unforgettable presentation.  

Event Options

Meaningful Magic

Ideal for Stage and Service Events

Imagine attending a magic show and not only being amazed by the magician onstage, but also being moved by the acts of magic created off stage … by the audience.

Meaningful Magic is an event like no other.  It inspires and informs.  It shows the audience that the real magic in life is making that effort to connect with partners, families, even complete strangers on a deeper, more meaningful level.  James uses the concepts behind illusions to reinforce ideas of servant leadership, all the while serving as a draw to help promote and enhance participation by including it with an entertaining performance.

Meaningful Magic can easily be integrated with an existing service project or leadership activity you are spearheading.  James can also work with you individually to design a service project that will suit your needs.

Mind Games

Ideal for Stage Events

Your team members, committees, and customers will be talking about James David long after his magic show.  Not just because of his inexplicable feats or his witty banter.  Not just because of his audience participation or his spontaneity.  Not even because of Snowflake, the partially psychic rabbit.  They’ll be talking about it after the show because it lived up to the hype that they were talking about before the show.

James delivers a highly entertaining comedic magic show in Mind Games.  Additionally, he can include his Random Acts of Magic event as a teaser before the show to influence attendance and participation.  He regularly breaks corporate attendance records for retreats and conventions.

Extremely personable and magnetic, James David will leave your members with an event to remember.

Random Acts of Magic

Ideal for Roving or Casual

A self-proclaimed “magic ninja,” James offers his roving magic show, a highly flexible performance format. Random Acts of Magic is close-up street magic that will have individuals and small groups amazed and laughing.

Many times this offering is selected to generate interest and enthusiasm in conjunction with one of his larger presentations.   James will entertain people as he encounters them in specific facilities or high traffic areas and can promote another event while doing so.

The Magic of Emotional Intelligence

Ideal for Team Building

James David uses the art of illusion and Emotional Intelligence to connect with complete strangers and to help people better connect with each other. Drawing on his experience as a former basketball coach, James expertly combines his skills as a professional magician alongside being a dynamic team-builder. James has worked with numerous Division 1 and professional sports teams including UCLA, Michigan, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Tulsa, Ohio, and the Portland Trailblazers to name a few. He is also the author of “Emotional Intelligence For the Athlete and Coach” which is scheduled to come out in the Spring of 2018.

James was trained and certified at the EIDI (Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute) by Lee Gardenschwartz and Anita Rowe who are two of the leading experts in diversity.

Are any of these problems preventing your organization from success? Below are a list of problems James’ program is trained to handle.
  • Us versus them attitudes between departments, divisions, locations or levels
  • Complaints about favoritism or inequitable treatment
  • Lack of engagement or low morale
  • Turnover of productive staff
  • Resistance to change
  • Conflict that hinders teamwork and productivity
What’s the goal?
His goal is to create a inclusive environment that promotes learning and a new way of thinking about team chemistry.  Just like a successful athletic program, businesses also must have exceptional team work and employees feel valued and included.
Approaches used by James:
  • Practical
  • Inclusive
  • Safe, Non-threatening
  • Non-confrontational
  • Action oriented
  • Business focused
  • Applicable
  • Fun


James is a sensational magician… He is so good that we had James perform at a customer dinner we had in NewYork City where he wowed our very best customers plus the restaurant staff where we had the function… He is bright, creative, and an outstanding young talent. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Charles W. Nason, President
Worzalla Publishing Company
Stevens Point, Wisconsin