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"I create meaningful moments using magic
and humor to inspire audiences."

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James found his love of all things sports early in school. As a regionally awarded basketball player and former coach, he has been able to share his passion for teaching life lessons to people.  James has an ability to see leadership potential in players and staff. He has traveled the nation assisting in developing their talents

Event Options

Making Everyone Matter

Ideal for Faculty and Staff

The life of a student athlete is comprised of unique sets of circumstances that are different from a traditional student.  With this event, James uses magic, humor, and inspiration as he works with coaches, administrators, staff, and everyone who facilitates coach/player relationships.

He teaches the five stages of development every college athlete goes through, and then what can be expected as they navigate each stage.  This program helps to prepare those who regularly interact with student athletes to assist them in dealing with the successes and struggles of their college experiences.

The inherent differences between male and female athletes will be explored by sharing the top ten mistakes student athletes make as they develop social relationships on and off the field.

Finally, the audience will be given ten proven strategies to show their student athletes that they matter to the organization while maintaining professionalism in staff/player relationships.

Finding the Meaning and the Magic in Athletics

Ideal for Athletes

Ideally a student athlete will demonstrate a positive attitude and live a life of integrity and character.  In this event, James integrates his magic and ideas to teach players what it means to be a “True & Loyal Teammate.”

He introduces activities like “The Strongest Link,” an eye-popping and funny activity where we are able to ascertain which team member has the strongest character in the room and how it came to be.

Team members can be exposed to extra risks and interactions on and off the field, because of the opportunities provided to them through sport.  James explains how they can reduce the chances of being taken advantage of without it negatively affecting their lifestyle.

The stages of relationships, the characteristics of healthy relationships, and the top ten mistakes student athletes make will give your students an honest look at relationships and how they can be more successful in their interactions on and off the field.  James discusses how social relationships between athletes differ from those of non-athletes and clearly defines the difference between dreams and goals.

The program ends with a life changing video and slide show that will leave your athletes inspired to do great things for themselves and each other for the right reasons!

Magical Beginnings

Ideal for Team Building

With the Magical Beginnings program you can take 10 to 1000 athletes and support staff, put them in a large space, and let James use magic to allow them to release all their power, energy, and imagination; to create a lasting bond to build upon.

This scalable event consists of team drills, stage magic, games, and more, while combining the elements of teambuilding and enthusiasm to develop trust and cohesion. You will witness real magic in the creation of new and/or deeper relationships among the participants.

Random Acts of Magic

Ideal for Roving or Casual

A self-proclaimed “magic ninja,” James offers his roving magic show, a highly flexible performance format. Random Acts of Magic is close-up street magic that will have individuals and small groups amazed and laughing.

Many times this offering is selected to generate interest and enthusiasm for a particular game or half-time event. James will entertain people as he encounters them in specific facilities or high traffic areas.

Typically 1-4 hours long or broken into parts around another event, this up-close experience will leave them wondering …How did he do that?

Meaningful Magic

Ideal for Service Projects

Meaningful Magic is an event like no other.  It inspires and informs.  It shows the audience that the real magic in life is making that effort to connect with partners, families, even complete strangers on a deeper, more meaningful level.  James uses the concepts behind illusions to reinforce ideas of servant leadership and good character, all the while serving as a draw to help promote and enhance participation by including it with an entertaining performance.

This program can easily be integrated with an existing team service project or tournament weekend event that you are holding at your facility.  James can also work with you to design a sport-related service project that will fit your needs.

“I really appreciate all your work with the team while we were on our retreat. The staff and team loved everything you did for us. Everything you did for us was helpful to our team moving forward and again, thanks!”

Steve Alford Head coach UCLA Bruins